Tertiary education
Mātauranga matua

Me mōhio ki ō kōwhiringa akoranga me te whakangungu i muri i te kura.

Mēnā kei te whakaaroarohia e koe te mātauranga matua, kei konei mātou ki te āwhina. Rapua he aha ngā pūtea tautoko e wātea ana, me pēhea te tono mō ngā nōhanga ākonga me te maha atu.

Te kapetuhi ataata available for School Leavers' myths - mashup Huaki Kati
Lively, upbeat music plays throughout.

On camera: We see three narrators speaking to the camera about their experiences. One is in a second-hand store, one is working in a restaurant and the other is volunteering at a community garden. The colours are not very vibrant. The Narrators are speaking in funny voices and looking away from the camera.

Narrator one: You got to keep studying as soon as you leave school, it's now or never!
Narrator two: Just sign up for anything!
Narrator three: …Better than joining the workforce..
Narrator one: Once you've got that degree in your hand, you've made it.
Narrator three: There's no point studying…
Narrator one: …if you don't have long term vision.
Narrator three: I've known what I wanted to do since I was seven.
Narrator two: Being unsure about your future is a sign of weakness.

On camera: The camera shakes, the colour becomes more vibrant, the narrators look at the camera and return to their own voices. The take it in turns to quickly exclaim against what they have just heard.

Narrators (in turns) Woah, big call! Oooph! Well.. Hey! Woah! Really...? Um.. Nah!

Narrator three: I'm just trying to make one good decision at a timeand keep faith that things will work out in the long run.
Narrator two: I kind of dig uncertainty. I kind of like to just dive in and let the experience show me the way.
Narrator one: Let's not rush whānau, there's more than one way to seize the day.
Narrator two: …Might do some work, save, spend some quality time with the fam,
Narrator three: …and lots of employers, like mine, will actually help you gain other qualifications whilst you work.
Narrator one: Here I am, volunteering, learning and it's feeling pretty great.
Narrator two: I've got options, like the world is my oyster or kina or pāua.
Narrator one: Everyone should define success for themselves and then work backward to figure out the steps to get there.
Narrator three: There's skills and knowledge all around us and there will be for life.
Narrator one: My grandma started studying when she was 53 and she's still going!
Narrator two: I could go to uni, polytechnic, whare wānanga or do a trade.
Narrator three: We can level up on the job or at tertiary institutions

Narrator two: and as long as I give a hundy to everything that I do, I know my dream job will find me!

Text on screen: Get pathways and peace of mind with the School Leavers’ Toolkit. school-leavers-toolkit.education.govt.nz, along with the logos for Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga (Ministry of Education) and the School Leavers’ Toolkit.