Tertiary education
Mātauranga matua

Know what your study and training options are after school.

If you're considering tertiary education, we're here to help. Find out what financial support is out there, how to apply for halls of residence and more.

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On camera: In a university library, a tutor wearing a grey jacket and glasses sits across from a student, Jax, who has books spread across the table between them.

Tutor to Jax: So, the author's position is that government intervention and taxation in the free markets should be minimised.

Jax to tutor: Oh, I get all that. I just don't get what it has to do with me starting a food truck.

On camera: Wearing a blue beanie and grey T-shirt, Jax turns to the camera.

Jax to the camera: We're called Popper Dogs. Jalapeno poppers in a hot dog bun. Cheesy deliciousness with a fiery kick.

On camera: Jax turns back to face the tutor.

Jax to tutor: Sorry, you were saying?

On camera: The tutor knits her brows together and wears a confused expression as she shakes her head slightly.

Tutor to Jax: Uh, so, I guess we can move on to supply and demand.

On camera: Jax turns back to the camera.

Jax to the camera: Oh, sorry, that's Popper Dogs with a 'Z'. Popper Dogz.

On camera: Jax turns back to face the tutor.

Jax to tutor: So, supply and demand?

Energetic pop music.

Text on screen: Career pathway getting confusing? Level up on TERTIARY EDUCATION.

On screen: The blue title card floats up and off the screen, revealing the logo of the School Leavers’ Toolkit in the middle of the screen with a link to their website.

Text on screen: School Leavers' Toolkit logo and school-leavers-toolkit.education.govt.nz