Getting a job
Te whiwhi mahi

Discover what your skills are and what's expected of you in the workplace.

Whether you're thinking about a specific job or your long-term career, knowing what an employer is looking for and how to prepare for an interview are key to getting the role you want.

Video transcript available for Getting a job Open Close
On camera: Sam, wearing a white shirt and jeans, sits opposite a woman in an office who is leafing through documents.

Interviewer to Sam: So, your resume looks really good. Just one thing I noticed... is your reference 'Morgan'. Their mobile number seems to be the same number as your mobile number?

On camera: The interviewer frowns and Sam looks nervous before feigning a relaxed expression.

Sam to interviewer: Eh?! What?

Noise: Sam chuckles awkwardly.

On camera: The interviewer picks up her mobile phone and begins to dial.

Sam to interviewer: That's... a buzzy coincidence. That can't be right.

Noise: A mobile phone vibrates and muffled accordion-style ring tone plays.

On camera: Holding her phone, the interviewer cocks an eyebrow as Sam swallows nervously, jigging his leg.

Sam to the camera: Do I answer it?

Energetic pop music

Text on screen: Job-hunt jitters? Level up on GETTING A JOB.

On screen: The teal title card floats up and off the screen, revealing the logo of the School Leavers’ Toolkit in the middle of the screen with a link to their website.

Text on screen: School Leavers' Toolkit logo and