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“Take every chance you can to learn. Don’t think your first job is gonna be perfect. Focus on the main things that you're trying to achieve."

"Also, be aware that people have different backgrounds and perspectives. It's important to respect the perspectives of other people and try to meet people midway.”

- Cyntia

Being professional at work

Different jobs will come with different professional expectations. There are some basic things that most employers expect.

Know your employment rights

Every employee in Aotearoa has rights at work. These are meant to protect people from being exploited in the workplace. They include:

  • a written employment contract
  • being paid at least the minimum wage
  • paid annual and public holidays
  • other leave, such as sick leave
  • rest and meal breaks.

There are minimum standards for these rights by law, but some places give you more benefits. It is also illegal to discriminate against you on the basis of race, gender and age.

Your rights should be detailed in your employment contract. Find out more about your rights on the Employment New Zealand website.