Moving out of home
Te wehe i te kāinga

What to expect when you decide it's time to find your own place.

Struggling with lease agreements? Not sure about your flatting rights? Can't work out what financial support you're entitled to? Moving out doesn’t have to be complicated.

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On camera: Wearing casual clothes and with bags slung over their shoulders, Caleb and Katie wander into Katie's flat.

Noise: Water dripping steadily.

Caleb to Katie: I just don't want to fail the assignment, that's all.

On camera: Caleb stares at a large yellow bucket on a table which is catching a steady stream of water from above.

Katie to Caleb: Well, this is it...

On camera: Katie's forced smile begins to fade.

Caleb to Katie: Whoa, that’s a leak.

On camera: Water dripping from the bucket seeps off the wooden table into a stainless steel pot which sits on the carpet.

Katie to Caleb: Oh, yeah. We had to put a bucket under the leak, and then the bucket got a leak, so then we had to put another pot under that.

On camera: Caleb's brow furrows as he stares at the pot which has drips splashing into it.

Caleb to Katie: Should we just go and see your room, then?

Katie to Caleb: This is my room.

On camera: Clutching textbooks to her chest, Katie looks hopefully at Caleb, whose eyes widen.

Caleb to Katie: Oh. Cool, cool.

Katie turns to the camera: Just wait until he sees the bathroom.

Energetic pop music.

Text on screen: Know your rights in a flatting fiasco? Level up on MOVING OUT OF HOME.

On screen: The yellow title card floats up and off the screen, revealing the logo of the School Leavers’ Toolkit in the middle of the screen with a link to their website.

Text on screen: School Leavers' Toolkit logo and