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Discrimination, sexual health, and other topics affecting your daily life.

Learning how to take care of yourself, whether that's understanding different types of gender identity, managing your alcohol use or developing your relationships, is key to your wellbeing.

Video transcript available for Taking care of myself and others Open Close
On camera: Pen in hand, Annie sits on the couch in the living room of her flat. A laptop is open in front of her. Carrie enters, putting items in her handbag.

Carrie to Annie: I'm heading out for the night, so don't wait up.

On camera: Annie makes notes on a piece of paper.

Annie to Carrie: Have you packed everything?

On camera: Annie stares at Carrie, nodding as she mentally runs through the list.

Carrie to Annie: Change of clothes, undies, comfy undies, make-up bag, face-wipes, moisturiser, cleanser, Rescue Remedy for my anxiety, phone, phone charger, back-up phone, stalker whistle, GPS tracker, Swiss Army knife, Eckhart Tolle book, an A4 printout of those positive affirmations you sent me, charcoal tablets, nasal spray, and Harry Potter one to seven on DVD... also for anxiety.

Annie to Carrie: Ok. Well, have fun.

On camera: Carrie slings her handbag over her shoulder and turns to the camera.

Carrie to camera: Ok, so I didn't print out the affirmations. Sue me.

Energetic pop music.

Text on screen: Overwhelmed with wellbeing woes? Level up on TAKING CARE OF MYSELF.

On screen: The red title card floats up and off the screen, revealing the logo of the School Leavers’ Toolkit in the middle of the screen with a link to their website.

Text on screen: School Leavers' Toolkit logo and school-leavers-toolkit.education.govt.nz