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Healthy relationships 

Whether it’s friends, whānau, romantic, or sexual, it’s important that you understand what makes your relationships healthy. This requires effort from everyone involved.  

Healthy relationships make you feel safe, comfortable, valued and respected. Some things that contribute to a healthy relationship include: 

  • effective and respectful communication 
  • understanding what you expect from each other 
  • knowing your rights and responsibilities 
  • equality and shared power 
  • knowing each other’s boundaries, both physical and emotional 
  • respect for each other’s values, feelings, and beliefs 

Think about the connections in your life so far. Healthy relationships are generally the ones that make you feel better and less alone. Think about the qualities you like in people and aim to be like that for others. 

Staying in the loop with whānau 

You might find yourself feeling homesick if you’re living away from your whānau for the first time. Things such as the cost of travel might get in the way of seeing them as often as you’d like.  

Missing your whānau and your home is totally normal and there are ways to remain connected so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. You can try activities such as: 

  • setting up a group chat with your family members. Making a point to check in every couple of days, once a week, or whatever works for you, even if it’s just to send a funny photo or short voice memo. 
  • if you can’t see each other in person, make a plan to meet up online for special occasions 

If you’re worried about whānau who are unwell or elderly, you could try to organise support from people near them, such as a neighbour, friend, or other whānau. You might want to contact a health provider if this put’s your mind at ease. 


One of the biggest things you may notice as you move through life is the changing nature of friendship and how often you’ll see each other. 

Romantic and intimate relationships 

Many people explore romantic and sexual relationships as young adults. It’s important to take your time, stay safe, and understand that everybody has different preferences.