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What types of tertiary scholarships are there?

If you’ve already looked into scholarships, you’ll have quickly realised how many are available for tertiary education. They can be applied for at different stages, from undergraduate to doctoral studies (PhD), as well as for different industries. Whether you’re hoping to get into the construction, food or fibre trades, there are options out there to support you.

Scholarships also exist to help out students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford study or training, and to encourage greater diversity in industries and in study/training courses. They aren’t just for people who perform well at school, with some based on criteria like the region you grew up in or what you’re hoping to study.

This means that there might be a scholarship out there which would be perfect for you. You won’t know unless you look!

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Where can I find information on different tertiary scholarships?

Depending on the kind of scholarship you are looking for, there are several different resources available to help you find the right one. Whether you want to look at the scholarships different tertiary providers offer or are interested in specific options for people of Māori or Pacific descent, there are a few websites worth checking out.

Visiting the scholarship page on your tertiary provider’s website (if there is one) is a good place to start looking. Two other useful resources you should also be using to search for different scholarships are:

Other resources we’d recommend are:

Key websites

  • has information on everything from how to apply for scholarships to writing CVs, helping you decide what career is right for you.
  • NZQA: The NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) looks after qualifications and runs student assessments at school.
  • StudyLink: StudyLink provides information on all aspects of tertiary study, from where to study and your costs to how to apply.
  • Tertiary Education Commission: The Tertiary Education Commission is the link between the Government and tertiary education. Although it isn’t aimed specifically at students, it’s a good website for anyone looking for up-to-date news and resources to help with tertiary education.